As far as learning Quran and stuff like that goes, it’s always the best idea to start it as early as possible.

A maktab is a primary Qur’ān school, the purpose of which is to teach Muslim children how to read the Arabic language in general and in specific the set of diacritical and orthographic specifics of Qur’ānic Arabic, as well as the proper mode of recitation or tajwīd of the Qur’an.

In addition, children memorize portions of the Qur’ān, specific supplications and prayers, or duʿās and adkār, foundational issues of Islāmic law, or fiqh, and basic matters of creed, or ʿaqidah.

All of this is done in the traditional environment of the Masjid, sitting on the floor, with instruction directly from the ʿulamā’, while dressed appropriately and observing the proper etiquette with the teacher, Masjid, and other students.