All Ministries

The Health Ministry

The Committee for Health and Human Services is responsible for the health and well being of the members of the N.O.I., registered and non-registered alike, physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, as individuals, families and communities. Health is defined as that state of being of the individual and his family and community that is the fulfillment of … Read more

The Education Ministry

The mission of the Committee for Education is to be responsible for the mental and moral development of the members of the Nation of Islam by means of formal instruction in a system of learning ranging from primary to advanced degrees under the direction of a National Board of Education. The educational system is known … Read more

The Defense Ministry

The mission of the Committee for Defense is to ensure the safety, security and survival of the individual members of the N.O.I., their homes and property as well as to defend the National interests of the N.O.I., as a whole through the enhancement of its military and intelligence assets, structures and institutions.

The Arts and Culture Ministry

The mission of the Committee for Arts and Culture is the promotion of aesthetic, artistic and cultural expressions, especially those derived from the Qur’anic based culture of Islam; but also music, dance, drama, poetry, visual arts and sports. This includes the promotion of theater companies, music ensembles, choirs, creative writing, poetry recitations, talent shows, film … Read more