All Ministries

The Ministry of Trade and Commerce

NOI Trade and Commerce

The mission of the Committee for Trade and Commerce is to expand business and commercial activity of the N.O.I. consistent with its aims and goals by realizing the economic potential inherent in the fulfillment of human needs. To translate the skills, talents and interests of the Believers into viable revenue streams through effective business planning … Read more

The Ministry of Science and Technology

Ministry science & technology

The mission of the Committee for Science and Technology is the continuous development of the technological resources of the N.O.I. Technology is the application of scientific knowledge to the solution of human problems and is the source of the power and the dominion of man over the forces of nature for the purpose of evolving … Read more

The Ministry of Justice

The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan - Justice or Else

  The Mission of the Committee for Justice is to establish a reliable system of justice administration that protects the rights of the Believers in a way that is consistent with the principles of Islam and the Constitution of the N.O.I.

The Information Ministry

Information N.o.i.

The mission of the Committee for Information is to oversee and develop the literature of the N.O.I. to better inform the public and membership of the history, policy, teachings and programs of the N.O.I. To collect and disseminate information via newspapers, radio, television, Internet, magazines and all other sources. To develop information systems and networks … Read more