The Time and What Must Be Done: Houston, Texas

As Salaam Alaikum,

Dear Brothers, Sisters, Friends, and Supporters:

On June 4, 1972, during the Theology of Time lecture series, The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad said: “The resurrection of Jesus means the resurrection of justice among you and me, that’s what it means.”

Today, the death of Trayvon Martin has struck a nerve in justice loving people in America and around the world. We applaud the efforts of Minister Quanell X, Krystal Sonia, Kofi Taharka, Jolanda Jones, Bishop James Dixon, and countless others for their stand for our people.
There is a mood on the streets and among the Joshua-Caleb generation that despite the so-called progress that has been made in race relations, the people realize it will take another 450 years for Black America to close the gap of wealth, education, health, and life expectancy disparities. They are waking up to the fact that the political, economic, and social system has been “gamed” so that they have little or no chance to advance.  The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan is
laying out a context for our current condition and the root of the thinking of those who hate our very presence and would exterminate us if it were not for Allah’s(God)
Today, we must multitask. We must continue to demonstrate for justice while we continue to deal with the pathologies that plague our communities. Let us begin with simple things, like peacefully settling our differences within our families and communities. Love ye one another and stop the killing! Stop spending 95% of your money with people you blame for 95% of your problems. Pool your resources and create jobs for Self! Purposely seek out businesses and professionals who share your worldview and that support our struggle for justice and equality. Circulate your dollars within our own community! Put public officials on notice that we expect as much attention to our needs as the lobbyist that visit them receive at City Hall, Commissioners Court, Austin, and Washington, DC. Set an agenda and judge them by the standard we, not our enemies, have set for them!
To all Black leaders, real or imagined, we better not play with the people today. To do so is to take our lives in our own hands. The condition of our community bears witness against our collective stewardship. No matter what the sycophants around us are telling us about how great we are, LOOK at our community! Our leadership is only as good as our results. Let us set aside our egos and ask Allah (God) to remove envy, jealousy, and rancor from our hearts for the sake of God’s chosen people. What are we willing to sacrifice for our people’s redemption? Please don’t say we would give our lives if we won’t subordinate our arrogance and egos for the sake of operational unity. If we don’t learn from history, we will certainly repeat it. Thank you for reading these words.May Allah bless us with the light of His understanding.
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